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It may be funny to see a piano go rumbling down the stairs when Laurel and Hardy try moving it, but in real life it ain't no joke!


 A piano only slightly out of control can ruin your foot, your floor, your wall costing you more to repair than to move the piano in the first place. At All Piano Services we've assisted thousands of families in the successful relocation of their piano. We fully understand that a piano simply cannot be regarded as another large piece of furniture. Not only are they heavy, they are complex and very fragile. A regular piano has more than  200 strings with the combined tension of 40,000 pounds and over 1,000 moving parts. And we know what is required  to safely get your instrument where it needs to go. As piano movers since 1991 we have learned the strategies for successfully completing you move to your total satisfaction. And unlike those transient companies who move everything and anything we move pianos and organs PERIOD!

With Piano Moving starting as low as $150 it doesn't make any sense to hire anyone else or do it yourself. At All Piano Services we specialize in door to door piano moving and have been handling New York's Piano needs since 1991.

Owner operated.

           Ken Maguire                              

Business # (631) 835-7026                        FAX #         (631) 714-5220

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Piano tuning, renting, refinishing, rebuilding and disposal available also.








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