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About us

  Maybe it's time to hire professional piano movers? Perhaps you're thinking forget it! They cost too much, and besides, you're sure you could do this yourself. You could get a couple of friends and just pick the thing up and carry it out. Why not right?

Well there's the floor, the wall, those stairs and smashing your friend's fingers in the doorway, not to mention your precious piano. Despite its outward appearance pianos are precision instruments with over 1000 moving parts and 200 strings, any can be damaged and require repair if your piano isn't moved correctly. Considering the risks of hiring a couple of guys with their truck or doing it yourself the delicate procedure of transporting a piano ( In one piece ) can be a hard decision to make.

My name is Ken Maguire along with my partner Greg at All Piano Services we've been handling New York's Piano moving needs since 1991 From the most expensive heirloom grands to those old uprights that weigh a ton. For about the same cost as renting a truck and moving equipment, you can entrust your instrument to an experienced team who knows the best and safest way to get the job done.

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